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How will Qatar’s multi-billion dollar LNG expansion impact the economy?

By Rory Fyfe | July 10, 2018

Qatar, the world’s largest LNG producer, is expanding output by 30% at a cost of $30bn to $40bn The impact on GDP can be split into 2 phases, (i) the investment phase (up to 2024) when new jobs will drive aggregate demand in the non-hydrocarbon economy and (ii) the increase in hydrocarbon production in 2025-26 Combined with the Barzan gas project and a 2022 FIFA […]

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GCC growth to accelerate on higher oil prices, fiscal easing and rising oil production

By Rory Fyfe | July 2, 2018

GCC quarterly growth update Saudi Arabia: Growth firming in oil and non-oil sectors and likely to continue firming (we expect 2% growth in 2018) as higher oil prices lead to a loosening of fiscal policy and as oil production is set to rise UAE: PMIs point to stronger growth since April, especially in Dubai. We expect growth to strengthen further (1.8% in 2018) as central […]

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